Clearly know’ing the Treacherous history, ancestry, lineage of the PRIVATE Crown Temple Bar and each of its affiliations, world-wide, as the PRIVATE Esoteric, and highly deceitful, Practice(s) of the PRIVATE Occult Guild(s) of Rome, utilizing Roman Law in utter legerdemain, I hereby pronounce my love for my fellow men and wom[b]men who wish to be what they were born(e) to be, instead of the [Roman] Subsidiary Franchise Corporation(s) that have otherwise been assigned them in Perfidious Deception. Respectfully, I am not a Legal Entity, a Corporate Fiction, a Cestui Que [Vie], a Surrogate Person, a Statutory Person, a Strawman, nor am I Surety thereto…Material Evidence to the contrary shall be presented me in Good Faith if desiring to Promote Fraudulence and/or Perpetuate Ineptitude!


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