Just a MAN: nothing more, and [most certainly] nothing less. Very much, I would like only to be respectfully treated as a MAN and not as a THING. Any who utilize Occultism to promulgate or even justify Fraudulent Deception(s) to treat other(s) as THING(S), do so as Unconscious Animal(s); known also as Hu’man(s)…which are Beast(s)…Color or Hue(s) of MAN; Shadow of MAN; Tint of what MAN can be. Those Born(e) with Infinite Mental and Spiritual Faculties are not Chained to Ignorance unless they demand they Perpetuate Ineptitude by rejecting Know’ledge; frankly, that’s what “Educ’ation” is all about: not KNOW’ing, but merely being placed somewhere [upon] The Hierarchical Ladder of Ignorance, a specified Hierarchy like military or any other Chain-of-Command relying not on Know’ledge but on granted degree(s) of comprehension and/or insight by those higher upon [said] System.


Indoctrin’ation is why Institution(s) of Re’ligion; of Poli’tic; of Man’ufacture; of Fi’nance; and of Me’dia (Print, Reel, Ra’dio, Tele’Vision, and even Inter’net) were Specifically, yet Artificially, created, manipulated, influenced, and sustained. Are we shared such Valuable and Relevant Information as to make Conscious Decision(s) on our own, having been given NOT LESS THAN ONE HUNDRED PERCENT IN FULL DISCLOSURE, or is it just the opposite? The resounding answer of Crickets shall evermore fill the void that should be an answer….so, “Thank You”, I say, to the dear crickets, for being brave enough to do as their [innate] nature intends them to do!


*Those Born(e) are Living, Breathing, Rational Being(s)…not merely animals or THING(S), I say. Being “Birthed”, particularly within a Military Commissioned Vessel(s) known by but a handful of folks on the planet as “Hos’pital(s)” within Admiral’ty Juris’diction of whatsoever Flag(s) of its respective Roman Plantation [and Roman Hierarchy thereof], known also by a handful of individual(s) as “Nation-State(s)” or “Countries”, and anything stemming from such Esoteric Practice by the various Occult Guild(s) of the World, is not only Unworthy of Vast Majorities, but is Highly Illogical! Can Truth be seen by those with Eyes, but who refuse to See; by those with Ears, but who refuse to Hear; by those with Mind, but refuse to Discern? That’s not up to me. Thank you for your time…..Sincerely, “Thank You!” May you always, just as I, ever-more, come in Peace!


~Jace Brady Brannen, an Azad (not a “Mister” or any of its deceitful derivative(s))


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