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Lawful Public Notice of the Jace Brady Brannen Will and Testament

Thank you, and Welcome to the PUBLIC…emphatically Implying Free and Unrestricted, by Very Definition…Notice of the Jace Brady Brannen Will and Testament and every Action therefrom. With Respect to Law, the Rule of Law, and Due Process of Law, any given Society either Lives by Principle(s) with Great Honor to these things, or does not. In other words, either Law, the Rule of Law, and Due Process of Law exist(s), or neither do.

Having PRIVATE Occult Guild(s) of “Law”, known also as PRIVATE Bar, and their PRIVATE Hierarchical structure(s) thereof, in Secret, determine what is “Right”; “Just”; “Honorable”; “Fair”; “Impartial”; and/or “LegItimate”; whilst Ignoring the very Foundation(s) to their own PRIVATE Roman System, globally, is not worthy of a People, nor is it Honorable, in the Slightest degree, whatsoever! It is with Peace, with Compassion, and with Solemn Reverence to the Divine Creator, that I make and transmit the following data in Portable Document Format, or “PDF”, to be observed, studied, and/or scrutinized…Again, FREE OF CHARGE…by any man, wom[b]man, or child on, or having connection(s) with, our [shared] planet. Thank you for any Conscious Consideration! ~Jace Brannen


Respectful Request(s)

Apostolic Mendicant Minister Plenipotentiary_aka_Minister General_aka_Prime Minister

Registrar Notice

Full Powers

Privy Seal

Coat of Arms

Great Seal

General Executor

Magna Carta_aka_Great Charter

Jace Brady Brannen Will and Testament


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